Accelerating Cash Generation

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While the cost benefits of Financial Shared Services Centers are well recognized, the specific challenge FSSCs are confronted with, when taking over A/R Management, lies in combining those cost benefits while constructively collaborating with internal clients (business and sales organisations) in customer relationship, and optimizing Cash Generation.

What are the success strategies of top performing FSSCs? How are they collaborating with the business, given necessary cost constraints? What performance objectives and KPIs are they using to monitor cash generation? Which reports do they provide their clients?

In this exclusive webinar, three successful FSSC Managers will share their experience with you. Benchmark your shared services operations against those of B-Bridge, Adecco and Sidetrade. Hundreds of companies, with operations across 65 countries, have already improved their Receivables and Working Capital Management by applying Sidetrade’s SaaS solution – resulting in more efficient, customer-centered, collaboration with more than 25.000 users.

If you want to improve your OTC management, this webinar will help you identify opportunities to cut spending, improve staffing, minimize trade risk, leverage communication and increase collaboration.You’ll also hear how to:

  • Enhance your staff’s efficiency, capitalizing on their skills
  • Implement automation in the OTC process
  • Integrate dynamic collaboration between all stakeholders
  • Communicate relevant information, in real time, across the world

You will also learn about Sidetrade's Network, a unique, cloud-based software solution for Financial Customer Relationship Management. Sidetrade Network integrates with your master systems,combining cash collection process efficiency with a collaborative platform for real-time information sharing – resulting in a positive "Cash Culture". With just a few clicks, turn a potential bad debt to cash!