Capitalizing on Market Conditions - Top Categories to Source Now

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Even in the current economy there are bright spots for strategic sourcing organizations. Tremendous volatility in commodity prices and a recession provide a higher opportunity to deliver cost savings to the bottom line of your organization. Whether you have a well established strategic sourcing initiative or are developing a new approach to spending and supplier management, learn what a "buyer’s market" means for your current relationships with suppliers and how it will impact them going forward.

The Top Categories to Source Now complimentary webinar will discuss how to capitalize on the benefits of a buyer’s market. Specifically, it will address:

  • Direct and Indirect products and materials that are experiencing the greatest price fluctuations
  • Strategies to drive sourcing savings from these industry segments
  • Timing issues to implement your new sourcing strategy
  • Next steps in monitoring supplier relationships, contracts and getting a leg up on your industry peers