Creating an Effective HR Portal in SharePoint©

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12:00 PM - 01:00 PM EST

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If your organization is leveraging SharePoint for your HR Portal – or considering utilizing it to build an HR Portal from the ground up – this webinar will be a valuable 60 minutes of your time!

Learn how leading companies are integrating a cloud-based HR-specific knowledgebase/portal framework into SharePoint to:

  • Cut the time, resources and dollars required to build and maintain complex HR content and infrastructure in half
  • Increase employee usage and satisfaction through rich search and personalization
  • Leverage the best collaboration and infrastructure features of SharePoint

You’ll leave with proven examples from organizations that have gained the best of both worlds by integrating the Enwisen cloud-based AnswerSource HR Knowledgebase/Portal with SharePoint for a better portal that employees will embrace – deployed faster, and at a significantly lower cost.