From Vogue to Value: Steps to increase efficiency and add business value in Shared Services from the get-go

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The Hackett Group, Colgate and SAP come together for the first time to present this SSON webinar and deliver best practice industry insights.

Shared services models are designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness, enabling organizations to save cost and drive a healthy level of process harmonization to the corporate landscape.

However, this may not always be easy to execute. Shared service organizations run by top-performing companies, like Colgate appear to have found their way to a sound and highly efficient service delivery across multiple streams of business processes. What is the key to their success?

Join us for this free, interactive webinar and take away key insights from:

  • Colgate: Looking at the journey to a highly efficient, future-oriented multifunctional shared services organization leveraging SAP technology
  • The Hackett Group on market observations of benefits and challenges in achieving operational excellence with multifunctional SSC
  • SAP: Looking at their delivery platform for multifunctional Shared Services and find out more about SAP Shared Service Framework