Hewitt Consulting Webinar - People and Change Management

This FREE webinar was recorded on:
Tuesday, March 16, 2010
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM EDT
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Outsourcing and Global Sourcing has become a way of life for most organizations and industries. The major debate while taking an outsourcing decision is whether a process is core or non-core, whether company information can be shared or should be kept confidential and whether a third party can provide the required quality of services and generate enough value for the firm in the long run. The Shared Services operating model has introduced that middle path between outsourcing and executing processes in-house.

The context and goals for an organization to move to a shared services model could be many. They range from strategic issues like developing a ‘One Firm’ culture and standardizing processes or services across multiple acquired entities to very tactical objectives like building efficiency through scale and centralization of non-core services. However while the objectives and goals for shared services depends on the context within the organization, it is noticed that the journey to a shared service model is still very much a large transformational program within the firm and the issues are very similar.

One of the key issues in any such large transformation and more so in the case of a shared services implementation are around Governance and People. While technology, best practices and service levels have standard benchmarks and solutions, it is issues related to people and change management that are very contextual and contribute largely to the success of such a program, provided they are handled efficiently.

As mentioned above, the shared services implementation is a journey. It wouldn’t be wrong to generalize this journey in 5 distinct phases namely; Strategy, Feasibility Analysis and Business Case Formulation, Shared Services Design, Implementation and Sustenance. In this paper, we highlight the key people and governance related challenges in each of the above mentioned phases that any implementation team should focus on while undertaking such a journey. These challenges are based on Hewitt’s wealth of knowledge and experience in Shared Services Implementation and other large transformation initiatives across geographies and sectors.

As a summary, we then present in this paper our thoughts and point of view on how these challenges and imperatives can be handled successfully and provide Hewitt’s time tested framework on Change and Communication Management that has helped our clients focus on the right issues and successfully implement multiple shared services and large transformation programs.


Rakesh Malik
Globalization and Business Transformation Consulti

Rakesh Malik is the Practice Leader for Globalization and Business Transformation Practice and heads the COE based out of India. He is the Business Leader responsible for managing and delivering projects and developing content for the Globalization, Shared Services and Business Transformation Consulting business in Asia.

Rakesh has worked on numerous large scale cross border consulting assignments, in the area of off-shoring strategy, process transformation, process transition and migration, shared services strategy and set up, location and investment attractiveness strategy for state/provincial/national governments, government and investment promotion agencies.

Prior to joining Hewitt, Rakesh worked for large multinational companies (Xerox) and Indian business houses(HCL) in the field of corporate finance, corporate strategy, business planning, process improvement and re-engineering. He has significant and pioneering service delivery, process evaluation and process migration experience. He has handled large service delivery assignments, has conducted and managed process evaluation and migration of processes in Telecom, Retail and Insurance verticals across various functional areas. Rakesh has more then 2 years of hands-on BPO and call center experience and has successfully transitioned US based processes to off-shore facilities in India.

Darcey Regan

Darcey is a Principal in Hewitt’s Talent and Organization Consulting (TOC) Practice in our Chicago, Illinois office. She consults in areas of HR strategy, HR transformation, HR process redesign, HR Restructuring, HR cost analysis and realignment, and HR technology implementation.

Prior to joining the TOC practice, Darcey was one of the founders of Hewitt’s Multi-Process Outsourcing group, most recently serving as global strategy leader for Hewitt’s Workforce Administration (WFA) and Payroll Outsourcing practice, providing leadership and experience around WFA and Payroll implementations and operations. Prior to that, Darcey worked as a solution architect for WFA and payroll opportunities in the outsourcing group, helping clients diagnose and improve their payroll and HR processes, policies and technologies through outsourcing. Darcey also spent time as an Account Executive at Hewitt, overseeing large consulting and outsourcing projects and ongoing work for Hewitt clients. She has been with Hewitt for 12 years.

Some of Darcey’s clients at Hewitt include CNA Insurance, W.W. Grainger, Sears, PNC, Kimberly-Clark, Compaq, Alcoa, Genworth, Mervyns, Cintas, and Rockwell Automation.