How CFOs can Maximize ROI and Business Value from Source to Pay

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In the current economic scenario, visionary CFO’s are looking at building "best in class" Source to Pay (S2P) operations to lead and support their enterprise savings mandates. As a result it will not be unusual to see the CPO’s and procurement leaders’ Spend Under Management (SUM) initiatives strategically placed on the "board room agenda".

CFO’s will collaborate with CPO’s to provide leadership, vision and spend under management control strategies in S2P processes to achieve true bottom line impact. Their new mandate will be integrating procurement best practices across the enterprise’s business functions and P&L’s, penetrating spend control processes deeper than before.

CFO’s will also expect the savings realized from SUM initiatives to provide resources for a self-funding, P&L neutral approach with accelerated ROI results so that current budgets are not negatively impacted.

In this webinar, Genpact will discuss the new paradigm which takes an enterprise and business P&L level view of S2P’s integrated processes and ties them to business outcomes such as Working capital optimization, TCO reduction and on-time availability of material and services in a self funding approach.
Key Learning:
  • How CFO’s are working with their S2P organizations to generate greater bottom line impact
  • Strategies for Self Funding and P&L Neutral approaches through savings tracking methods
  • How CFO’s can uplift savings targets to record breaking performance in the Enterprise Savings strategies
  • Success stories