Implementing a Flexible ERP platform that will support Change and work harder for your organisation

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When planning & implementing a shared services operation, the ERP and technology platform is a key decision, but is too often driven by history or politics – and companies can be misguided by systems which are already in place, or most dominant in the operations coming together.

Faced with a complex set of legacy systems and burning platforms what are your options?

Too many ERPs appear flexible before they are implemented, but once in operation prove difficult, time consuming and expensive to make even quite basic changes.

We realise that the wrong ERP choice can blight a SSC for years to come. Many established SSCs are hampered by technology that won’t let them implement business change fast enough, thus effecting efficiency of:

  • New or improved business processes
  • Reporting changes
  • Reorganizations
  • M&A
  • Regulatory changes

All of the above require swift, extensive change in the way a SSC operates and must be supported by the ERP.

This session will show the pitfalls of inflexible ERP platforms, and how the refreshing and alternative approach of UNIT4 Business Software provides ERP and Finance systems allow organizations to change swiftly, easily while using their own in-house resource.

The webinar will be illustrated with real-life case studies from around the world, and will include a Shared Services customer who will discuss the practical issues of technology and change in an SSC environment.