The Hidden Risks and Benefits when Implementing and Managing a Shared Services Center in LATAM

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Latin America is becoming an increasingly popular destination for organizations looking to establish shared service centers, either serving domestic markets or as part of regional or even global shared services strategies.

LATAM has also become the focus of growing interest on the part of major outsourcing providers whose entry into the market has had knock-on consequences across the board

Have you currently got a shared service center in the region or are you thinking of outsourcing services there? If the answer is yes, then join this complimentary webinar and gain knowledge in:

  • Shared Service Centers, either Captive or Outsourced - create benefits and risks beyond what most companies consider in their Feasibility Analysis and Business Case. Understand how to leverage the benefits and mitigate the risks to create real value.
  • Quality, Control, Security, Contingencies, Taxes - a sample of what should be considered in the analysis, design and operation of any SSC. Find out how to remain compliant when implementing a SSC in LATAM
  • Reap the benefits and diminish the challenges when choosing the location - Discover what makes LATAM different
  • Hear lessons learnt from dozens of SSC implementations and operations in LATAM and around the world