How Does a Reconciliations Solution Drive Harmonisation? [Case study: Arby's and Sysco]

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How do you deliver more value to the wider organisation? In this live webinar, Arby's and Sysco explain how they have used emerging technology to optimise Finance services across their respective organisations.

The benefits of an automated reconciliation solution extend far beyond the initial cash savings – though these are certainly substantial.

As Amy Lipe, Arby’s Treasury System Manager, and Stephen Vallance, Sysco's GL Lead, explain in a live webcast, the monetary savings were only the beginning of the total value gained from the automated solution.

Join us on November 19 for a webinar titled Finance Transformation & Harmonisation at Arby’s and Sysco, to learn how Account Reconciliation Automation is delivering end-to-end harmonisation through:

  • Real-time metrics around close cycles
  • Workflows that add structure and provide a valuable communication tool between reviewers and preparers
  • An added layer of governance within reconciliations

In credit card reconciliations alone, Arby’s saved around half a million dollars after the first full year of implementation, as a result of cuts in bank fees and better transparency around businesses that were not getting credit for their credit card transactions.

Chesapeake System Solutions’ technology also supports risk mitigation by making it easy to spot fraud or bank mistakes right away. It also provides improved audit perspectives through:

  • Immediate access to reconciliations and backup
  • Full transparency through audit log file
  • A singular standardized format
  • User level security prohibiting altering of data

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