Enterprise Supplier Governance - Size and Complexity does Matter

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5 lessons on how to manage your outsourcing portfolio

To support organizational agility and flexible access to scale (ramping up and down), more and more organizations are distributing services across multiple outsource partners. The challenge is immediately clear: how do you maintain oversight – let alone stay on top of expectations and deliverables for each? Learn 5 lessons on establishing an Enterprise Supplier Governance Program from the experts at Health Care Services Corporation (HCSC) and KPMG.

Organizations are making great strides in understanding the complexity of governing an outsourcing portfolio which has evolved over a period of time and often without alignment to an enterprise level outsourcing strategy. HCSC has taken an Enterprise approach to establish a consistent and comprehensive program which accommodates the different types of outsourcing arrangements across their own organization.

They’ve completed the initial implementation phase of their Enterprise Supplier Governance Program and are currently in the process of sustaining the framework implemented to ensure high adoption rates with internal business customers and suppliers as they progress to steady state.

In this webinar, HCSC's Karla Frost will share 5 lessons learned along the way:

* Industry perspective on Enterprise Supplier Governance
* Critical Success Factors to establishing a Enterprise Supplier Governance Program
* How to segment your suppliers and apply the right level of governance
* How technology can be leveraged to institutionalize new ways of governing outsourcing arrangements
* Practical advice, lessons learned, and insights into how HCSC made Governance work for them

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