The ABC of RPA: How to Build Robotics Into Your Organization – a Case Study by O2/Telefónica UK

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At leading telecommunications firm Telefônica (O2), Wayne Butterfield has transformed a 1.2 million transaction a month, 400-FTE offshore Back Office by integrating Robotic Process Automation to reduce manual labor & operational costs by over 30%.
The implementation of Blue Prism’s automation tool alone delivered benefits of over £500,000 in year one.

Wayne is a champ of automation and he’ll be sharing how he did it with you. Find out:

  • How to identify opportunities for robotics in your organization
  • Why RPA was the right solution for O2
  • What was easy and what was hard about implementing robotics
  • How robotic automation impacts business processes, and how to govern it
  • How to get your staff to embrace automation solutions around self service – and why this is important