How Robotics Is Solving Your Automation Challenges: A Guide to How and Where RPA Fits Into Your Business

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Blue Prism can take most of the credit for developing RPA to where it is fast becoming a recognizable solution for Shared Services. But there are still a lot of questions. Here is where you’ll find answers.

While many providers are today slapping "lipstick on a pig" to pass off desktop automation or scripting as an RPA tool – beware! It’s not the same thing. This webcast will explain the difference and ensure you have a clear picture of where and how robotics can add value to your processes.

Pat Geary, CMO of Blue Prism, will cover:

  • The benefit of RPA: cost, quality, time, scale (but what’s the investment?)
  • Which processes are the best candidates and why? What distinguishes a good opportunity?
  • What resources a company needs to bring to the table?
  • How to cost out a project? Is FTE-based thinking out the window?
  • Is RPA sustainable? How do you allow for Continuous Improvement in transactions?
  • How does RPA impact a) existing outsourcing contracts, b) new
  • outsourcing contracts?
  • Do you go it alone or push your outsourcer to step up? And how do you recognize (and pay for) "true RPA" as opposed to desktop automation?

Pat Geary, CMO, Blue Prism