Engaging in finance transformation using AI [WATCH]

Introducing Tradeshift AI: Ada

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Seth Adler

Dan Young of Tradeshift unpacks how artificial intelligence can actually streamline and evolve finance transformation.

Digital transformation

Global corporate enterprise understands the importance of digital transformation, but the means are still being debated. Myriad solution providers have offerings, but what is the best tool for any given function for a specific enterprise?

Finance transformation

Tradeshift has one global network that delivers value to customers and their supply chain partners. When diving into an entire value chain, a great place to start is Finance. And if you're going to start digital transformation, a great tool to use is artificial intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence to inform the entire value chain

This demo showcases how Tradeshift's AI tool Ada helps, how Ada keeps humans-in-the-loop and how Ada provides dashboard views for the enterprise ensuring machine learning and human learning throughout the enterprise. 

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