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Episode 4: What prevents IA success? Digital data & digital IQ.

Contributor:Deborah Kops
Posted: 03/13/2018

Episode 4: What prevents IA success? Digital data & digital IQ. 

What's the ultimate challenge in making intelligent automation work? Deborah Kops presses BNY Mellon’s Jon Theuerkauf (who has left the company since this interview was filmed) on the hype surrounding what process automation can really achieve, and how fast this can be done.

Jon’s made of sterner stuff, though. Yes, you really can build a bot in three days, he says – he’s done it – but the standard at BNY Mellon is 60, and the target is 28 days.

What causes setbacks is the digital quality of the data environment, Jon warns. That's where most enterprises run into [unexpected] trouble. Most of the setbacks he has come up against, in the 100+ processes tackled so far, result from data challenges.

Watch now to get Jon’s take:

  • …digital: “We are building an enterprise platform, not a point solution – and that makes all the difference to our digital strategy.”
  • …delays: “Complexity causes delays; so where the project proves too complex, you cut complexity down by breaking the process into segments.”
  • …data: “If you don’t have a structured digital data environment and you are not workflow-enabled, you can still make IA work – but expect it to be a lot harder.

Deborah Kops challenges Jon Theuerkauf on why and how data limits IA – and why no-one's doing much about it

Jon also discusses: 
  • …IT: You have to work within the reality of your IT environment, i.e., what’s under the floor boards; so you adapt the over the floor board automation solutions.
  • …BPO: “We’ve already automated work we used to give to third party vendors. Now the challenge is to get vendors to develop automations that we buy back from them.”
  • …implementation partners: “We went on our own because there was not enough experience out there; today, you can choose between boutique integration consultants and big firms.”
  • …workforce: “30% of the work currently being done will be completely done away with as a result of intelligent automation.”
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Contributor: Deborah Kops
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