SSON HARDtalk live at Orlando SSO Week

HARDtalk, presented by Deborah Kops, who is recognized as the true First Lady of Shared Services & Outsourcing, taps into the underlying issues that everyone is thinking, but few are voicing. 

For the first time ever, HARDtalk is not being recorded in a TV studio in New York or London, but instead, exclusively at SSON’s North American flagship conference: SSO Week in Orlando this March 20-21 at the special HARDtalk booth in the main exhibition hall. 

We would love to invite you to come watch this exciting session with our one and only, Shared Service expert Deborah Kops. There will be very limited space, so make sure you come over to the HARDtalk stand in the main expo hall to see the HARDtalk schedule. 

Without fail, Deborah Kops takes the interviewee out of their comfort zone, makes them think outside the box and corners them to say things they might otherwise avoid. 

Deborah Kops simply taps into the truth. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to gather round and watch an on-going debate between both parties to help you accelerate up the maturity curve through transformation and more.