Figuring Out Disruptive Technology Innovations: PepsiCo’s 90-Day ROI Test Runs

Interview with Shakti Jauhar, SVP Global HR Operations and Shared Services, PepsiCo

HR is at the forefront of transformation but HR is going through transformation itself, explains Shakti Jauhar, SVP Global HR Operations and Shared Services at PepsiCo. Shakti’s role is to enable the underlying processes and systems to support the deployment of PepsiCo’s HR Operating model, keeping agility and flexibility firmly in sight.

Operating in over 200 countries with employees in 80 countries makes it challenging. A key strategy has been to reduce the reliance on clunky local legacy systems and, instead, to move to a cloud-based platform [SaaS].

The constantly changing data privacy laws around the world provide a constant headache for people like Shakti, who explains where his current pain points are and how he is working his way through them. He tells Barbara Hodge that accessing and leveraging data analytics, through enabling technologies, is going to be key to improving performance in the future. To stay ahead, he’s recently instituted an innovative 90-90 initiative (90 day deployment and 90 day ROI) leveraging innovative technology start-ups. Find out how it works – watch the interview here [7 mins]