Why Transformation Projects Fail (And What You Can Do to Make Yours a Success)

Posted: 08/29/2016

While we would all like to think that our projects will be a success, simply "hoping" is not enough. In reality, McKinsey has found that 70% of all transformation projects will end up failing.

Statistics from Forrester and KPMG back this up, highlighting how difficult it is, at an operational level, to actually deliver successful transformation. 

One interesting point is that it is rarely due to the technology (Gartner's research shows less than 1% of projects fail solely because of technology).

So What's Going Wrong?

This white paper highlights the three areas in which transformation most commonly falls down: Scope, People and Communication. And while that may be no surprise, you'll gain valuable tips on how to break down and assess each of these areas.

Read the article now and learn how to avoid common (and costly) pitfalls.

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Posted: 08/29/2016

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