The Coffee House Exchange: How to Make SaaS HR Implementation Work

Simon + Fraser talk HR

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Simon + Fraser Talk HR SaaS

The Coffee House Exchange

Simon Brown and Fraser Kirk meet at their favorite coffee shop to talk frankly about what makes a successful SaaS HR implementation.

Together, the two have decades of experience in HR, Finance, GBS and Shared Services operations – as well as Workday, Oracle and SAP SuccessFactors implementations.

Critical listening if as-a-service is on your radar.




Simon Brown: HR Director (Interim) * HR Transformation & Shared Services Expert * Workday & Oracle project manager * Coach & Mentor

Fraser Kirk is VP Global HR Shared Services Programme at Brambles

NOTE: These discussions reflect the personal experiences, viewpoints and opinions of Simon and Fraser. Any statements made or opinions expressed do not, therefore, in any way reflect the opinions of their employers, or a specific company.