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Deborah Kops hits the nail on the head: a dozen moments to grab now, before the opportunity disappears!
Are you committed and loyal, waiting to reap your rewards? It might not be enough!
In part 2 of her GBS leadership series, Deborah explains why, for business natives, being voluntold into GBS leadership might set you on a great new career course!
Bought in as a GBS leader? Tough job
Published: 2019-09-06
The opportunity of a lifetime? Or are you about to enter a career minefield?
The do's and don'ts of SSO career etiquette as laid out by the "First Lady" of Shared Services
This will have you alternatively laughing out loud and wincing in agreement. As ever, Deborah Kops hits the nail on the head. So now what?
SSON Global Advisory Board member Deborah Kops on whether your GBS initiative it just a paper exercise? Or will it drive real transformation?