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The future is Data. So, how do we manage the regulations?
Source of code, licenses, security aspects and technology compatibility – what's overlooked, and why it matters
Venture Capitalists have been very active in the services delivery market. So, how can cognitive technology speed up the due diligence process?
Gods, Humans and now Robots
Published: 2019-05-07
Robots and artificial intelligence are not new. Greek and Indian mythology has several examples of super human technologies. So what can we learn?
The challenges or mistakes enterprises make in choosing their AI, Automation or Analytics solution – and the consequences of bad contracting
If enterprises want to create value, they cannot do it by offering undifferentiated services/products.
There is Something about Mindtree...
Published: 2019-03-27
How is the latest acquisition in India's automation sector playing out?
Shared Services should be taking the lead in owning automation innovation
We shouldn’t just worry about machines adopting human-like behavior – but also about humans becoming like machines!
The Great RPA COE Challenge
Published: 2019-01-23
Are organizations becoming "RPA" excellent?
The third largest economy in the world is lagging far behind in adopting the shared services model
What is a service firm like HCL trying to do by venturing into software products?
More providers drive more specialisation and better meet the demands of customers who want "specificity". So let's encourage more of everything!
Outcome does not necessarily means SLAs. SLAs are usually KPIs that measure performance not outcome. That difference is proving difficult to grasp
Outsourcing trends in Shared Services this year include adopting smarter contracts!
There is no doubt that smart contracts will gradually creep into the sourcing process and governance as we see increased maturity across solutions
Can RPA Replace Outsourcing?A question that has often propped up in last few quarters is “Can RPA replace outsourcing?” In my interactions with various equity analysts who track market performance of IT Service Providers, they have often...
I have been mesmerized by the substantial amount of rich data [companies] are sitting on. It’s overwhelming just how useful this can be