BAE Systems hits Jackpot with Finance Transformation

Finance Transformation is on everyone’s agenda – but success can be fairly elusive. Not for BAE Systems’ Finance team, however.

In this video, various members of the team explain the steps they took, the processes they implemented, and ultimately, the results that followed in implementing wide-reaching transformation in BAE Systems' finance function. Finance Services (part of Shared Services at BAE Systems) accelerated finance transformation by developing a self-sufficient approach that ensured process improvement engaged not only SSO staff, but their customers, as well. This approach has made all the difference.

We wanted to share this video with you, as it provides some really interesting ideas about how to make process standardization quicker and easier using a business focused approach.

For anyone looking to improve customer experience and master continuous improvement, this video offers valuable insights – and is a must.

Watch the video here.

Part of the Tibco on-line series: A business-focused approach to Process Management


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