The 16 Best Articles of 2016

The most important themes covered by my favorite articles of 2016...


1. Cockpit Management

The Future of Shared Services: an Automated Dashboard

For Reliance Industries, shared services is not about labor arbitrage but about scale. Automation is the key

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2. Working Out Tech's True Value

Figuring Out Disruptive Technology Innovations: PepsiCo’s 90-Day ROI Test Runs

The constantly changing data privacy laws around the world provide a constant headache for people like Shakti Jauhar [PepsiCo], who explains where his current pain points are and how he is working his way through them

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3. What's the Right Value for Employee Costing?

Relegating Cost-Per-Hire to its Rightful Place

Too much emphasis on lowering cost-per-hire will likely prove more expensive in the long run

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4. The Performance Problem

Today’s Key to Business Excellence – ‘Bot-enabled Solutions

RPA is not just a trend – it's a means to an end.

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5. What’s Driving Hunger for Change?

Your Biggest Pain Points: Speed of Change  

The biggest win from RPA is the increased speed of change which can be leveraged through robotic process automation. Leeds Building Society

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6. Bridging the Legacy Divide

Cracking the Code on How to Connect Modern Digital Platforms with Legacy ERP

Bank of Ireland shifts from human to robotic “workforce” for faster, better service

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7. New Leadership

Peter Drucker on Leading Millennials

Millennial issues have become a source of income for a host of self-anointed experts who say they can interpret young worker's whims and aspirations—sometimes for as much as $20,000 an hour! Is generational consulting "a complete racket"?

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8. Learning from Your Own Best Practices

Playing Off Your Strengths: Internal Best Practices Close Gaps on Laggards

Playing your lagging customers off against your leading customers to drive performance

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9. Data-Driven Decisions

Improving the Global Payroll Process Through Analytics

In reality, you’ve always had the raw data you need to review the global payroll process at your fingertips. Until now, though, you’ve not been able to bring it together in a form that will enable you to properly analyze everything from start to finish.

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10. The Shared Services Market in Numbers

New Opportunities, Challenges and Technology Continue to Transform Shared Services Landscape

Which corporates were the largest Shared Services job creators last year? Find out

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11. A Fundamental Shift in Sourcing Models

The Homecoming Revolution

As the offshore working class "rises up" and labor arbitrage is weakening, robotics steps into the breach as part of the shift to "Cybershore" sourcing. Read on...

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12. Your Data Team

How to Build a Watertight Business Case for Your Data Analytics Project

Building up your data analytics capability is one of the smartest things you could be doing right now. Here's what to focus on...

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13. How to Reinvent Finance

How to Truly Lead Finance Transformation [so it's more than just another slogan]

Worry less about "finding Talent" than what you’re doing with the Talent you have...and 9 other tips

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14. Understanding HR

Why is HR Shared Services "Different"?

HR faces more challenges than other functions when it comes to providing strong leadership for major transformation

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15. CFOs Are Changing – So What?

The Changing Role of the Corporate CFO

Finance roles will have to adapt in the face of massive socio-economic mega-trends like digitalisation and big data, and none more so than the CFO. Kicking off his new column, SSON's newest Advisory Board member presents the CFO's viewpoint!

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16. What's Driving Sourcing?

The New Nearshoring Game

What drives location choices today? Not cheap labor, explains Professor Oshri. Rather, companies are seeking skillsets that drive "value", and they are increasingly shifting their focus to nearshore. That means locations need to learn how to emphasize what differentiates them.

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