Talent Equation: First Insights

Many organisations have experienced rapid and substantial change in respect of new finance delivery models. This is having a huge impact on Finance careers and Finance talent management.

ACCA's research aims to identify the most relevant talent management priorities and best practices to address current talent management challenges within finance.

This report identifies changing trends across Finance roles and:

  1. Provides a better understanding of the specific characteristics of the new generation of finance professionals so that organisations are better prepared to provide suitable career development opportunities for this talent pool.
  2. Identifies evolving career paths, and best practices in developing talent, both within finance shared services and outsourcing models, and in the retained finance function.
  3. Identifies the leadership patterns and profiles expected to emerge from maturing operations and changing finance function models.
  4. Identifies capabilities necessary for finance professionals to excel in light of evolving service models, and the industry leading learning practices that ensure attainment of the relevant skills.