Global Intelligent Automation Market Report H1 2018: How to Scale Robotics

How to design for Scale and Yield when launching your program

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Barbara Hodge

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If you are currently beginning your intelligent automation journey, you are joining the significant majority of organizations just beginning to outline a roadmap and construct an automation plan. Plenty of early use cases and pilots completed in the Shared Services sector have demonstrated the technology is sound and here to stay.

Now, there is simply no time to delay.

The benefit for you, as you launch your program, is that is that you are able to learn from the mistakes of those that have gone ahead. By and large, these ‘mistakes’ translate into ‘lack of foresight’. For what we have seen in the past few years is that although IA is a business solution, the business should not go it alone. Sooner rather than later it will be necessary to engage key stakeholders such as IT and audit, as both groups will need to be comfortable with the increased incursion of process automation into the enterprise.

This is particularly pressing as the success of early projects will inevitably lead to a demand to scale these wins – which is the point at which some of the early pioneers ran into trouble.

For anyone going down this path today, it is crucial that the capability being developed will not only serve as a short-term solution but incorporate how to scale IA’s power enterprise-wide.

This report summarizes some of the most pressing issues to take into account when launching an IA program with a view to being able to scale the solution, including:

  • the role of IT
  • the importance of Audit
  • setting procurement up to help
  • change management
  • measuring value and yield, and
  • the new skillsets required.

  By highlighting how to tackle each of the factors listed above, this report provides a  'playbook' for organizations embarking on their intelligent automation journey.

These lessons serve to ensure that those currently designing an IA program are able to scale quickly, with the greatest returns, and alleviating some of the barriers along the way. 

Please download the report here.

Barbara Hodge
Global Editor
Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON)

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