Tools and Methodologies for Closing the Cultural Divide Posts

In this article we summarise all the important components of transformation - and add some new ones!
The ability to get people to embrace change is an art. But in NXP’s case, there is an even bigger challenge.
In this article, we examine the key to success: the capability for employees to change. The CHRO plays a crucial role in this.
In this article we examine the key question: do you know your stakeholder well enough? Do you understand the culture?
Given so many technologies emerging and consumers' increasing demands, the rate of change is high. So, companies need to prioritize transformation
Every day we see headlines about Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain and many more. Jobs are disappearing and we hear predictions that Gen Z will have 4 careers. But what does it all mean?
IT has become a facilitator of future revenue. That requires different knowledge and insights to determine value and budgets.
To truly connect, build trust, meet deadlines and increase the quality of work, intercultural differences have to be bridged between global teams. These intercultural skills have finally made it to the list of 21st century skills.
In 20 years, Asia is predicted to top half the global GDP according to McKinsey.
An Amsterdam story that illustrates the cost of poor x-cultural understanding
Churn can be notoriously high – so how to you pre-empt it?
What do cultural gaps cost global shared services operations? Far more than you might expect.