Podcast with Circle K's Jorgen Lislerud on making a good brand GREAT

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Posted: 08/17/2017

Podcast with Jorgen Lislerud, Circle K's MD of the Business Center SIA – on the strategy underpinning the global rebrand supported by shared services 

Jorgen Lislerud

Episode Overview:

Recorded at the Nordic RPA & AI Summit in Stockholm, Jorgen Lislerud, a Norwegian living in Latvia, joins us and takes us through the Circle K rebrand across 3,000 stores in Europe, to what is now a global organization representing convenience, and delivering great customer experience. The goal is for folks to understand that the Circle K logo means great people, great products, great fuel and fantastic coffee.

Jorge runs shared services for Circle K out of Riga, Latvia and Warsaw, Poland. The reason for two centers is that the IT department is so big that both locations were needed to tap into the talent required. Services include infrastructure, development, and the service desk, run out of Warsaw. Riga offers financial services, accounting, HR, fuel distribution planning and customer service – i.e., the front end.

Jorgen is also working on RPA with a program up and running in customer service, finance, fuel and HR operations. The program began under the radar but after experiencing key wins, it was rolled out across multiple functions.

A candid admission: Other people are not always as excited about new developments as Jorgen is! 

Listen to the podcast here:

sson people
Posted: 08/17/2017


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