And the winning conference ticket goes to...

SSON team picks random survey respondent as 'thank you' 

Every year, once our annual State of the Shared Services Industry Survey closes, we draw a lucky winner at random* from all of those who took the survey and thereby shared valuable feedback. The winner gets a free ticket to an SSON event of their choice!

We are delighted to announce that this year the lucky winner of this free ticket is:

Rosleen Mak

GFO APAC Transition Lead

AstraZeneca Asia Pacific Business Services

APBS | Global Financial Operations | Kuala Lumpur

Rosleen is attending Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Malaysia 2018, compliments of SSON.

And she is not new to our events, either. Here is Rosleen accepting an Award for "Excellence in Customer Service" on behalf of AstraZeneca, at the SSON APAC conference in Singapore, in 2016.

Many congratulations Rosleen – thanks for taking our survey!

Rosleen Mak

* Here's how it works: choose a number between one and the total number of survey respondents [630 this year] and find the relevant entry [each survey respondent is numbered according to the order in which the surveys taken]. This year, Rosleen was #43.

Note: Look out for SSON's annual survey report which will be published online in Q1 2018.