Packing a Powerful Punch: Reckitt Benckiser Team Plans Strategic Attendance at Eastern Europe Shared Services Week

SSON Editor

Dave Marton, Global Director, Business Services Group at Reckitt Benckiser 

Dave marton

Dave Marton took on the mantle of global director for Reckitt Benckiser’s business services group just under a year ago. With a broad shared services delivery background honed at SAB Miller, Novartis, and Honeywell, Dave brings a strong track record to the job. And strong leadership is what today’s multinationals like British-based Reckitt Benckiser need, to support their operations across dozens of countries.

Dave will be sharing some of the insights he has gained over the course of his career at SSON’s Eastern Europe Shared Services Week 2016 (running in beautiful Budapest, Hungary, October 11-12), and will be bringing a big team of RB delegates with him to soak up the learnings. We took the opportunity to ask him how he plans to leverage his team’s onsite presence to maximum effect…


Q. For you and your team, what are three of the most important challenges in the year ahead?

For our team, the three biggest challenges in the year ahead are: completing end-to-end process and service designs; selecting and onboarding the right Outsourcing partner; and ramping up our transition and transformation capability.  

Q. Which sessions are you most interested in attending yourself, or having your team attend at this conference?

My team and I are keen to participate across all of the sessions, but are especially interested in learning about how to catalyse automation using the latest RPA tools and techniques. 

Q. What would constitute a “win” for you and the team in terms of contacts, information or specific answers to questions?

A win for our team would include: seeing the 'art of the possible' in action through the SSC site visits; networking with others who are a few steps ahead of us in the Shared Services journey; and finding out how they have created broad-based buy-in across their organisations.  

Q. Given you have a large team attending, how are you suggesting they cover the event most effectively?

We have allocated our team-members across as many of the relevant sessions and round-tables as possible so as to participate in as many discussion topics as possible.  

Q. Which areas of your team are represented by attendees to this event?  How have you chosen them?

We have our Leadership team, process owners, service delivery leads and controllership functions participating in the event. 

Q. When you are all back in the office, how are you planning to pool the combined knowledge to share it effectively?

We will re-group once we are back in the office and will create a briefing document which covers: what we learned; what we want to do differently; and how we want to stay connected to other practitioners – which we will then share with our larger team. However, we haven't given a lot of thought to how we will build on this experience, so would be interested to hear good practices that other groups may have developed to maximize impact.