Culture Rules! A New Paradigm to High Performance

New Book Redefines Corporate Culture as a “Business System”

Written from the research, experience and wisdom of CEO and business consultant, John R. Childress, ‘Culture Rules!’ turns the traditional approach to corporate culture on its head.

“Corporate Culture” is an enigmatic buzzword that organizations are quick to adopt, yet find near impossible to actually define or use to improve performance. But they’re not to blame according to consultant John R. Childress, because nearly everything taught about corporate culture is severely flawed.

In his new book, ‘Culture Rules!’, Childress repositions corporate culture as an actual business system, with all of its associated inputs, outputs and drivers. The result is an iron-clad blueprint that can help transform the way any organization operates and thrives.


While everyone is talking about corporate culture and its importance for business success, the core principles and drivers that build, shape and sustain corporate culture are poorly understood. Childress shows that most of what we understand about corporate culture is wrong.

Corporate culture is a business system, and like any critical business system, is composed of multiple drivers, all of which interact to influence “how things work around here,” and ultimately, business results.

If you don’t understand your culture, you don’t understand your business!

With over 35 years of experience advising and supporting CEOs, Boards and senior executives on how culture impacts business results, John brings to life the 10 Core Principles of Corporate Culture and how they can be used to improve business performance, the customer experience and employee engagement. He also explores the impact of corporate culture on important business challenges, such as Innovation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Employee Engagement, Customer Satisfaction, Value Creation, Business Growth, Leadership Development, Strategy Execution, Turnarounds, Start-Ups, Digital Transformation and Going Global.

“Most businesses are very used to systems, which will make this approach to corporate culture extremely easy to adopt,” explains the author. “It will reshape their existing culture, maximize its effectiveness and ultimately change their entire operation, holistically.”

“The drivers are vital. For example, tweaking just one can have a positively profound effect on employee behavior in a way many wouldn’t have considered before. From growth and M&A to technological change and strategy engagement, each of the principles help readers address their many unique, often complicated business challenges.”

New York Times bestselling author, Stephen M. R. Covey, comments, “This wonderful book will transform our understanding of corporate culture. Seeing culture as a business system, and the 10 Core Principles that govern culture, can help leaders at all levels develop a high-performance organization. Finally, an approach to corporate culture that makes a compelling business case!”.


‘Culture Rules!’ is scheduled for release on September 29th, 2017.
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About the Author:

John R Childress is the former co-founder and CEO of the Senn-Delaney Leadership Consulting Group and brings over 35 years of experience advising CEOs, Boards and senior teams globally in multiple industries. John’s books bring new insights and practical approaches into a synthesis of sage advice for business leaders committed to improving culture and business performance.

John is currently an independent senior advisor to global organizations on leadership, corporate culture, strategy execution and turnarounds.