Highlights of Digi Week North America 2019

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Barbara Hodge

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Last week, as a follow up to the annual Shared Services Outsourcing Week in Orlando, SSON ran its 2nd annual Digi event. This online conference is free to SSON readers and highlights some of the best sessions and presenters from Orlando while adding a whole lot more!

Chairwoman Rochelle Hood knitted all the sessions together and added both context and takeaways in this excellent summary of the four fact-filled days. Click on the video below to listen to the highlights – and you can also watch one or all of the sessions on demand via this page (click: secure your place).

We also toolk the opportunity to survey the participants of this event, to get real time feedback on SSO practitioners' top three challenges this year (2019), across a number of areas:


  1. Intelligent Automation (RPA, Cognitive Technology, Machine Learning, AI) – 70%
  2. Process Optimization (Process Mining, BI, BPM, Six Sigma, Automated Workflow) – 65%
  3. Transformation, Change Management – 34%


  1. Drive Enterprise Transformation – 42%
  2. Drive Further Efficiencies by Leveraging Smart Technology – 37%
  3. Expand Value Adding Services (e.g. Predictive Analytics)– 35%


  1. Upskilling/Reskilling Workforce – 45%
  2. Integrating Human and Digital Labor – 42%
  3. Developing a Digital Transformation Strategy – 64%

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Processes and People: Key drivers to take U.S. Shared Services to the next level. This free report by SSON Analytics leverages SSON's database and surveys to share implementation data around process mining, which is rapidly emerging as a performance enabler. It offers a bird's eye view of all processes to add transparency and allow for immediate interventions to be introduced where inefficiencies occur. From this, firms can identify potential processes for improvement or automation, which helps firms to maintain their competitive edge. The report also covers some of the most important benchmarks in human capital analytics as well as key metrics on talent and attrition in U.S. Shared Services Centers (SSC)


Don't miss: we'll be following the European SSO Week 2019 with Digi Week Europe, July 16-18. Register now to ensure you don't miss it. (These events are always free.)