The SSO Community's Biggest Survey is Live!

SSON Analytics

SSON survey

Data drives what you do – and it drives what we do, too.

Last year, our annual industry survey got 800 responses, and it has guided the digital content we post, the way we structure our conferences and online events, and the white papers, webinars and reports we provide to you.

But to ensure we are still hitting the mark, we need your feedback!

I'm delighted to have just launched our new survey, which will feed the 2020 Global State of the SSO Industry report. Please may I invite you to share your thoughts on areas as varied as talent development, career paths (yours, that is!), GBS (of course), the digital workforce (of course) ... but also how and when you reach out to third parties for additional resources, how you measure your performance and success – and a lot more.

Take time out now, over lunch, or on the commute to give us the honest truth and nothing but! (We are offering a prize draw for a free event pass near you, as a small token of thanks.)



Barbara Hodge
Principal Analyst and Global Digital Content Editor
Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON)