Building a Reputation on "Service"

Traditional customer service is not enough anymore; retain talent by redefining "service" as "value"

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Ron Kaufman

Organizations with a powerful service reputation and a superior service culture attract and retain the best talent, and enjoy sustainable success. Global Service Guru Ron Kaufman warns that traditional definitions of "customer service" are holding companies back, however, and explains how we should redefine "service" for today’s competitive marketplace.

Across industries, the main challenge today is not necessarily how to differentiate product, but how to differentiate service. In a global market increasingly characterized by commoditization of product, quality, speed of delivery, and price, the one thing that makes your organization stand out from the crowd is the quality of your service.

Ron Kaufman was part of the team that took Singapore Airlines from the small island carrier it was to the global brand it is today – built on a service culture second to none. He now works with leading and lagging brands to drive performance and success through a modern day interpretation of what it means to serve.

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