Service With a Heart

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Service with a heart and from the heart. We hear so much about going above and beyond ... but it was this example from car company Uber that really drove the point home for me.

I'd like to offer SSON's own version of Uber's #SixthStar recognition: send us a video taken on a smartphone in which a customer feels that you went above and beyond in service delivery. We'll post it as an #ssostar. Or just tweet it to @ssonetwork and include #ssostar.

We all know that service from the heart is what truly sets your SSO apart – just hitting SLAs won't do it. Fixing problems, pre-empting solutions and really listening – a hundred times a day, in a thousand different ways.

SSON commends #Dahir from Baltimore's #Uber team for understanding what service is really about.

"My job and my heart is connected. You have to have service with a heart. If you don't have it, the life is nothing."

The Story:

Dahir is a driver-partner in Baltimore who has been driving with Uber for a year. He was awarded the Sixth Star in January after saving the day of a rider after his long day of travel.