Shared Services Charging Policies Can Influence Customer Behaviour

Interview with Ehsan Shammasi, Head of HR SSC for Al Tayer Group

Ehsan Shammasi has been at the head of the Al Tayer Group’s HR shared services since its launch, four years ago. In the early days his group faced a lot of resistance and critique around the "high" cost of services. To provide more transparency, Ehsan initiated a deep dive analysis of every customer request. The result was a capability matrix that clearly links each service request to a cost per FTE.

"This transparency over costs has helped us to influence customer behaviors and requests in a way that is better for the overall organisation," Ehsan tells SSON.

Ehsan is a member of SSON's Global Advisory Board, and will be chairing SSON's Middle East conference (October 2-4 2016) in Bahrain later this year (for more information please email us).

Watch the interview here (4 minutes)