Rob Doyle

CFO Domain

Conference Day One: Tuesday 16th June 2020

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

9:40 AM CXO Discussion Panel: Driving The Back Office Forward: How Can Shared Services Move up the Value Curve and Support Enterprise Wide Transformation?

This panel session will bring industry leaders together to analyse how shared services can become a proactive business partner to support industry shifts. Becoming an intelligent business partner goes beyond driving insights through advanced data analytics and incorporates the ability to contribute to enterprise priorities and transformation initiatives. In this session, leaders from across diverse shared service functions will join to discuss operational considerations which will bring shared services forward to play a central role in supporting business improvement.

  • Moving up the value curve: why should shared services re-evaluate its role in enterprise?
  • Alignment to business strategy: adaptations for differing shared services models
  • Challenges of positioning the back office as a value add partner to transformation
  • Next steps for operational strategy post-alignment: what can we ask for from shared services?

2:30 PM Domain’s 5 Year Program Leveraging an Outsourcing Partnership and Data Analytics to Boost Finance to Become an Intelligent Business Service

Domain have begun to uplift their data and analytics capabilities to drive improved intelligence from finance. This move, together with a strategic outsourcing partnership, is part of a strategy to move beyond the traditional back office to partner with business and influence decisioning.

  • Consolidating multiple complex systems for efficiency, duplication reduction and focus on business partnering
  • 5 year program of work with outsourcing partner TCS TATA, for large scale service transformation in finance
  • Bringing data scientists into the finance team and enabling a self-servicing culture
  • Exploring lean process improvement and robotics in the finance function

3:40 PM CFO Panel discussion: Enabling Finance to Go Beyond Driving Efficiencies to Being a ‘Value Add’ for Intelligent Business

This panel will bring together CFOs from differing industries to share their approaches to data governance, process improvement and people management as they move to uplift the finance function.

  • Journey mapping and governance strategy for continuous process improvement in finance
  • Identifying processes for RPA implementation and creating self-service in finance - P2P, O2C, travel expenses, payroll, etc
  • Change management to move the finance team into an intelligent business
  • Working with the SSO executive team to drive value from back to front office

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 17th June 2020

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

9:50 AM #SSOWOMEN - Women in Business Services: How Can Diversity Be Driven Through Business Services - From Back to Front Office

Debate surrounds the concept of leadership; is it an innate and inherent ability held by a small number of people, or can anyone rise to the challenge of leadership? Into this complex field of study comes the issue of female leadership. Does it differ from male leadership, and if so, what are those defining characteristics? Women in their own way, wield enormous influence and have inspired many to their respective cause. In this panel, leaders will join together to discuss female leadership in business services.

  • Exemplary leadership examples and why diversity means more success
  • Breaking down stereotypes: should this be top-down?
  • The evolution of shared services as a prime opportunity to drive diversity
Panel chair:

5:50 PM PANEL: How to Broker the Relationship with an Outsourcing Partner as your Shared Services Evolves

As shared services increasingly looks to become an intelligent partner to business, there exists a need to assess current partnership models to be able to drive further value back into enterprise. Automation means more work is being brought back on-shore and the role of the outsourcer is changing. By reassessing outsourcing partnerships, opportunities can be identified for offshore teams to do more intelligent data-driven work. This may see them play a role in elevating shared services to a business advisory, while also remaining relevant in an automated service ecosystem.

  • The traditional and changing role of outsourcing partners as shared services progress and transform
  • Relationship management to ensure offshore teams sit as an extension of the onshore team
  • Building alignment through clear objectives and strategy

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