SSON's 12 most popular articles from 2012

Wherever you may find yourself in the next two weeks, chances are you may have a little more down-time on your hands, as many of your colleagues, suppliers, or customers take time off to celebrate another year's passing. So, whether you're in the officeor at home, we've devised a plan to help you fill your time! Here are 12 of the best stories from SSON's website over the past year.

1. The fundamental principles of metrics

Why measurements matter, and how appropriate metrics will drive your team towards its goal. Read more

2. Marketing and selling shared services

The value of a dedicated team in marketing, promoting and selling shared services to business units. Read more

3. Social media is revolutionizing recruitment – are you ready?

Social media is impacting recruiting in unprecedented ways, and Asia's expanding markets present an enormous opportunity. Find out what's brewing in SSON's interview with LinkedIn's Simon Kelly. Read more

4. The world’s most technologically enabled company

We all admire P&G's success with its GBS team. What's driving it? Read more


5. A.P. Mùller Maersk: cutting down on process variance

Gain agility and process efficiency from your SAP – find out how Winshuttle's process optimization software has positively impacted A.P. Mùller Maersk's Finance Transformation. Read more

6. Jargon Buster: a guide to common terms and acronyms often thrown around in the Shared Services and Outsourcing space

Read more

7. Creating a brand new strategy for Shared Services

When you work for the company that literally invented brand management (P&G) you get back to basics and do what you do best: build a brand! Read more

8. BP share insights on becoming a global market leader

BPO partners operate as "designers" says BP's Shared Services head, Philip Whelan. Read more

9. Top 10 tips for drafting an RFP

Whether you call it a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Invitation to Tender (ITT), it's one of the most crucial stages in any sourcing initiative. Read more

10. Transition: 6 factors determining success or failure

How to avoid the complexities which can spell disaster for your outsourcing process Read more

11. "May we help you?" – how China's workforce is at the ready

You'll want to be factoring China's talent pool into your services delivery plans. Read more

12. Could this work anywhere else?: A visit to "China's Infosys" provides Ilan Oshri with three valuable takeaways

For all of you who cannot really imagine the power of what lies in store for business services – read this! Read more

And just to keep you going … here are 5 more:

13. Creating a Truly "Cross-Functional" Team

14. Shared Services: Emerging Markets

15. Top 10 Mistakes When Implementing Shared Services

16. Going Offshore: The Dollars and Sense of Remote Operations

17. [Course Overview] Shared Services & Outsourcing Professional Course (SSOPro)