Starbucks' HR Digitalization Roadmap to Enable Work Efficiency for the Future

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Beth Hampton

Ahead of her presentation at the 9th Shared Services & Outsourcing Week China, we spoke with Jenny Zhang, Partner Resource Shared Service Director at Starbucks. In this interview, Jenny talked us through the key survival tactics and growth objectives being deployed to maintain service delivery and to excel through the disruption.


Jenny's interview is also featured in recent report The Future of Flexible Work in China’s Shared Service Centres.

Q: "Hi Jenny. Can you tell us about Starbucks' approach to tackling the disruption over this past year in China, and how you plan to futureproof your operations?"

A: "In our company, we define, develop and deploy an engaged eco-platform via an HR digitalization roadmap to enable work efficiency, elevate employee services and empower organisational effectiveness. This has allowed us to do many things, the first of which is to enable work efficiency to simplify workflow, and meanwhile ensure daily operation compliances via employee life cycle process digitalization and automation.

It has also enabled us to elevate SSC services and experience via integrating and synergizing HR functionalities via employee app. Finally, we have been able to empower organisational effectiveness via the smart application of talent acquisition and development, all by leveraging talent portrait, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and scientific algorithm as well as mid-platform."


Q: "And how do you envisage the future of flexible work within both Chinese and global shared service centres?"

A: "I believe the pandemic element and flexible work can bring lots of influences on future work - this also applies to shared services teams. For example, work and tasks can be divided more detailed for flexible scheduling based on needs.

It is also now possible to shift the supply and demand among the market resources, and to use more new technologies, such as virtual reality, to train and communicate with teams to elevate the whole productivity and skills."


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