High Performing Businesses Recognize the Multiplier Effect of BPO

SSON Editor

Accenture and Everest Research have just released a report entitled, "High Performance BPO and the Value Multiplier Effect." Based on a recent survey, the findings highlight that there is now a major imperative to embrace technology and invest in talent in order to drive high performance in outsourcing.


Only about 20% of companies, according to the research, are extracting the most benefits from their outsourcing engagements, and can be classified as "high performers." Those that are experiencing transformational value share a common mindset that sees BPO as a value multiplier rather than a process substitute.

Key findings include:

  • 69% of high performers said gaining access to technology in a BPO relationship was important, while only 27% of typical performers agree.
  • 78% of high performers said their BPO relationship allowed them to augment their talent pool and gain access to scarce skills, versus 19% of typical performers.
  • More than 75% of high performers cited the importance of the provider’s BPO expertise as critical to their success, compared to only 38% of typical performers.

Here some of the other important stats are hioghlighted (click to enlarge):