Next Generation Shared Services – the Right Tasks & the Right Skills, in the Right Places

Patsy Van Hove

The annual Global Location Trends report, published by IBM's Global Business Services PLI subsidiary provides the latest insights on how industries are expanding their operations and which regions around the world are benefiting through job creation.


Technological advances, new and emerging consumer markets, changing cost structures, and political and social upheavals are some of the dynamics that are triggering companies to improve and transform their global operating models and footprint of activities. This article assesses the implications of these transformative shifts on the scale, scope and nature of shared services establishments.

As last year's data shows, projects and jobs created in shared services have continued to decrease to levels that represent less than half of the record job creation attained in 2006. While SSC investment is likely to continue, the overall volume is expected to be more moderate and focused on further optimizing activities for particular functions or geographies... (read on below)