Embracing automation: EY's global story

Shared Services & Outsourcing Network – SSON

Just over a year ago, EY took the first steps in its automation journey, with three proof of concepts.

Today, EY has over 500 internal processes automated that help improve customer experience, quality of services and efficiency. The initiative was sponsored by EY Global leadership, and led to the setting up of a multi-location center of excellence as part of the Global Delivery Services (GDS), which is dedicated to enabling automation within EY.

"Automation is influencing every sphere of operation, augmenting human contribution, and eliminating waste at speed."

Read about this case study – the challenge, the solution, and the points on the path – in the IA Universe. Find out how the center operates as an end-to-end managed service based on 5 key foundations.

EY IA case study

Read the full case study here.


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