IA in 60 Seconds with... Dariusz Bazeli

Dariusz Bazeli

In this 60 seconds interview with Dariusz Bazeli, General Manager, Geoban Poland, part of the Santander Group - we discover how Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Automation has impacted Geoban's operations and more..

Is this proving to be a breakthrough year for intelligent automation/RPA?

We rolled out an award winning and very successful program of RPA around 5 years ago. From this perspective this year is not a breakthrough. Yet, every year we look for opportunities to improve and we scan the market for better and more intelligent solutions.

What's the biggest opportunity for your operations that you see in RPA/intelligent automation?

Advance of AI and Machine Learning will allow us to make a leap jump in process improvement.

How are you consolidating and leveraging the newly acquired knowledge around RPA/intelligent automation?

Internal COE with services provided to the group.

What key improvements are you targeting for your current or planned implementations?

AI and Machine Learning.

How do you determine a "best fit" opportunity for RPA/intelligent automation?

We use a long history of Data Driven Lean and use a PACE priority matrix to determine the opportunity. We prioritize processes with the highest saving and biggest risk reduction.

What are you focused on: desktop automation (RPA) or server-driven automation?

Desk Top – legacy implementation.

What is your biggest challenge with regards to implementing RPA/intelligent automation in your operation?

Used to be approval from Technology to implement, now establishing new areas for automation as low and medium hanging fruit have been done. Also adoption to changing systems.

How are you planning to charge-back for intelligent automation/RPA services?

We are not a BPO provider, we work internally. We use cost saving for any calculations. 

If you could magically do away with one obstacle which one would that be?

Reduce the cost of implementation and maintenance.