SSON Podcast: "Munich Lost, I won ... and how to pick grapes at 4 degrees below zero" – Siemens' Tobias Unger

Tobias Unger

"Digitalization is understanding technological trends. What does the technology do? How is it different than what I already have?  And how does it integrate into my landscape?"

Recorded at SSOW Manchester, Tobias Unger explains why his old job title of Head of Organizational Development and Strategic Projects is a working title for Head of Innovation & Digitalization & Benchmarking. He didn’t like the word Strategy in his job title, rather, he sees himself as a down to earth guy who is interested in discussing his colleagues' problems and what stresses them. Because that, he says, is where automation is needed and will be most effective.

Siemens' intelligent automation guru shares his philosophy in life, how he approaches work and leads people (by listening and acting) and tells a story that provides a view into why he is such a great guy to get to know.