IEEE Publishes Global Standard to Guide the Robotic and Intelligent Automation Transition to Industry 4.0 With Over 140 Defined Product Features

Much needed industry standards guide intelligent process automation

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Contact: Rochelle A. Hood, Global Head of Customer Analytics & Research, SSON
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Contact: Barbara Hodge, Global Editor, SSON
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(2 August 2019)
IEEE Publishes Global Standard to Guide the Robotic and Intelligent Automation Transition to Industry 4.0 With Over 140 Defined Product Features

IEEE 2755.1TM draws upon industry consensus to provide a turnkey guide to assist in selecting the best support business needs

PISCATAWAY, NJ, 11 July 2019 – IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity, and the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) today announced the availability of IEEE 2755.1—2019 Guide for Taxonomy for Intelligent Process Automation Product Features and Functionality, designed to help large businesses select the most impactful products as they transition to an automated environment. Intelligent process automation is the application of artificial intelligence and related technologies to robotic process automation.

Automation, often referred to as the “fourth industrial revolution,” is a new and rapidly changing technology field. Businesses are looking for an efficient way to evaluate the different products available. To support companies and users in the growing process automation product space, IEEE 2755.1 is the first published standard that informs the product selection process defining more than 140 product features, and detailing each feature’s importance to guide the product assessment and selection process.

SSON is proud to be a member of the IEEE Intelligent Process Automation working group and contribute to its development of a standard that provides the automation community with an instrument to objectively assess the strengths and differences of tools in the market.

“The scope and depth of this standard creates a means for both practitioners and providers to not only have a tool for technical assessment of features but also their importance and relevance to stakeholders,” stated Rochelle Hood, SSON’s Global Head of Customer Analytics and Research.

IEEE 2755.1 is used by global enterprises to highlight the important differences in product offerings providing a step-by-step guide to develop a deeper understanding of product options in order to select an automation platform that best meets their needs.

“This standard means that everyone is now talking the same language,” explains Barbara Hodge, Principal Analyst and Global Digital Content Editor of SSON. “In the past, the terminologies did not align. Vendors could call anything and everything ‘RPA’ without agreed definitions. This standard enforces a much needed discipline – and compliance. For buyers, it’s a great reassurance.”

“While RPA and IA represent new technologies that are transforming modern industry, there has yet to be an effective and objective way to compare products or to determine what features are most important for businesses embracing automation,” according to Lee Coulter, chair, IEEE Working Group on Standards in Intelligent Automation. “IEEE 2755.1 helps accelerate enterprise adoption of automation technologies by grouping functionality into six feature-set categories, defining and explaining features in context, and provides a turnkey guide to both understand and select the best-suited products.”

SSON industry analysts will be joined by Lee Coulter, chair, IEEE Working Group on Standards in Intelligent Automation in a live webinar session on Thursday, 19 September to review the standard and its application to the consulting, consuming and provider communities.

Leveraging the terminology established in IEEE 2755™- 2017—IEEE Guide for Terms and Concepts in Intelligent Process Automation, the standard was developed over a period of two years with direct contributions from Another Monday, Ascension, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, CognitiveScale, ISG, KPMG, NTT Data, Pega Systems, SSON Analytics, Symphony Ventures, Thoughtonomy, UL and Workfusion.

IEEE 2755.1-2019 is available for purchase at the Standards Store.

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