inSTREAM™ Version 6 Launched

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Celaton today announced the release of inSTREAM™ version 6, its intelligent automation platform that applies sophisticated algorithms, including artificial intelligence and cognitive learning, to streamline and automate the processing of semi-structured and unstructured content.

Unstructured and semi-structured unpredictable content flows into organisations every day by email, post, paper, fax, social media, web feeds and other electronic data streams and creates challenges for customers due to the cost and need for experienced staff to process it. Unique to inSTREAM is its ability to learn the pattern of content through the natural consequence of processing and monitoring human intervention. inSTREAM v6 delivers new enhancements that improve efficiency, scalability, connections and governance.


Confidence is improved through accelerated learning. inSTREAM is able to consume unstructured and semi-structured content from multiple channels and in almost any format. Efficiency is improved through accelerated learning. inSTREAM learns with every transaction to improve confidence and minimise human intervention, v6 accelerates learning by understanding historical transactions and that means human intervention is minimised sooner.


inSTREAM is delivered as a service from secure data centres. The challenge that many customers face, especially in customer service and claims processing, is coping with unexpected surges in demand. V6 enables customers to stay within SLA’s regardless of surges and without dependency on additional human resource.


inSTREAM consumes and processes unstructured and semi-structured content from multiple channels and outputs guaranteed structured data to many systems. V6 of inSTREAM seamlessly integrates with line of business systems to input and extract content. Its agnostic approach means that it can operate non-invasively with many systems, including robotic process automation technologies such as Blue Prism and UiPath’s offering, as well as line of business systems such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics.


inSTREAM is designed for large organisations who must continuously demonstrate compliance, security and governance in their processes. V6 ensures that controls, monitoring, checks and measures are in place to provide peace of mind. inSTREAM is also fully auditable.

Version 6 is being deployed to customer’s processes from 5th April.