Shared Services &Outsourcing Network presents Nordic Business Transformation

Nordic BT 2018 is transforming the back-offices of the future

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Nordics Business Transformation

SSON presents Nordic Business Transformation 2018: Transforming the back-offices of the future

LONDON, 01/11/2018: Change or die is the message for the day, transformation will be the defining factor in the success of future businesses. Nordic Business Transformation 2018 aims to bring together experts and thought leaders in back-office transformation and will take place in Stockholm, 19-21 November 2018.

Nordic Business Transformation 2018 brings together transformation professionals from across the region to discuss the hottest topics in the industry. The event is taking place in Stockholm, 19-21 November 2018 and will attract several accounts including Copenhagen Airports, Lego, Santander, Nordea, Novo Nordisk and Ericsson to name a few.

Blue Prism will be joining the Nordic Business Transformation team as lead sponsor of the event. Blue Prism are bringing along Telia, clients of theirs, who will be running a keynote session on conference day one. The session addresses how Telia went from experimenting to supporting 19 business units with a Digital Workforce in under 2 years, with the support of Blue Prism. Speakers Kristina Engstrand, Head of Robotics & Data Management, Finance Shared Services, and Susanna Berg, Head of Automation will be running the session and bringing an insightful overview of how they have implemented RPA to drive Transformation across the business.

Felicia Madsen, Event Director of Nordic Business Transformation 2018, “the Nordics has positioned itself as a benchmark for transformation initiatives, particularly around culture and change. There is such diversity in the approaches deployed, meaning that this event is not only an opportunity to learn from one another, but also to share one’s own experiences.”

The Shared Services and Outsourcing Network, along with the Process Excellent Network bring you over 60 industry specialists are ready to share their experiences with scaling up RPA and exploring AI, data transformation, change management, agile operating models and digital transformation; and the consequences they’ve reaped.

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A 2017 attendee from Capco said this event “highlighted some new questions to address around Robotics and AI. Really appreciated the discussions as a way to connect with other participants, I found it actually more efficient than a traditional networking mingle.”

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About Nordic Business Transformation: In today’s competitive environment, back-office and shared service professionals are forced to re-evaluate their business models for greater efficiency, cost reduction and innovation, or risk losing out to an enterprise with greater agility. This event will dive deeply into understanding how and where to effectively deploy technology, analytics and change management strategies in order to achieve operational excellence in the back office.