"LEE TALKS" Episode List (Ongoing series)

Lee Coulter

Lee Coulter's Intelligent Automation Interview Series

Rochelle Hood, SSON’s Global Head of Customer Analytics and Research, leads an ongoing interview series with Lee Coulter, SVP at  Ascension, to explore thought leadership and a strategic vision on the impact, benefits and opportunities of Intelligent Automation.

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  1. "LEE TALKS" Episode 1: Intelligent Automation as a Shared Services Value Add
  2. "LEE TALKS" Episode 2: Using Intelligent Automation to Enhance Customer Centricity
  3. "LEE TALKS" Episode 3: Feeding the Data Beast
  4. "LEE TALKS" Episode 4: Leadership Evolution in the World of Intelligent Automation
  5. "LEE TALKS" Episode 5: Intelligent Automation Definitions and Standards
  6. "LEE TALKS" Episode 6: Wisdom Comes From Scar Tissue

About the Thought Leader:

Lee Coulter is currently Senior Vice President of Ascension and Chief Executive Officer of its shared services subsidiary, the Ascension Ministry Service Center. Ascension, the United State's largest non-profit health system, tasked Coulter with creating an enterprise-wide shared service center to enable Ascension and its 150,000 associates to adapt to changes in the health care market.

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