Shared Services and Outsourcing Network launches podcast series featuring personal conversations around busy careers

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Personality podcast series introduces the people behind the jobs

London, LDN – the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network, the largest global forum for shared services and outsourcing executives, is jumping into the podcast foray with a series of personal interviews that connect today's careers to personal experience.

With more than a dozen podcasts already available on the B2BiQ iTunes Podcast App, via the iTunes App or Google Play, you can now listen to these entertaining podcasts anytime and anywhere.

SSON’s podcast host Seth Adler – famous from his Cannabis Economy series – offers: “We have candid conversations with your peers – what formed their background, how they got into their careers, and what they face today.”

Podcast guests have ranged from representing Fortune’s top 50 to some of today’s most beloved household brand names. And they’ve covered topics as diverse as 'nothing to fear but fear itself' (from a Navy diver) to the significance of driving change in South Africa through a single vote! 

Along the way, podcast guests have shared candid insights to their daily lives whether at a desk, on a plane, or in a coffee shop. They represent the entire gamut of today's work-life balance and yet are driving extraordinary change for their organizations.

You can find SSON’s podcasts via our website, or directly through the podcast app on iTunes or Google play.

And if you'd like to be considered to star in these podcasts, please email Seth

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