Shared Services in Manufacturing: 10 Strategies That Will Help You Win

SSON has been tracking the manufacturing industry's evolution in terms of service delivery strategies. We have identified core drivers that are propelling leading companies to the front of their respective peer groups.

These drivers include shifting to Global Business Services; collaborating more closely with stakeholders; prioritizing customer service; and leveraging value from a plant-based workforce.

We've looked through our research and have come up with 10 strategies to leverage best practices through shared services for the Manufacturing industry, including:

  • Looking beyond labor arbitrage
  • Borrowing robots from the factory floor
  • Thinking prescriptive
  • And, recognizing that outsourcing is not just for micro-chips

Read through the full article online at, for details on each strategy as well as an in-depth overview of opportunities to improve service-enabled performance in the Manufacturing industry.


The article was written in coordination with the Shared Services & Outsourcing for Manufacturing event, taking place January 22-23 in Nashville, TN. View the program here.