Premium Content Roundup - January 2010

A number of organizations have been coming out with trend-type of data in the past month, including TPI with its Global Index. This showed a tremendous increase in outsourcing activity in 4Q09, particularly in ITO, much of which could still not make up for the general poor performance in the first half of last year, however. But signs are that confidence is returning and most firms expect outsourcing activity to pick up in 2010.

We’re seeing parallel moves inhouse, with many organizations reconsidering their strategies, and trying to leverage more of the global opportunities presenting themselves. I’ve been speaking with a number of inhouse practitioners this month, about their plans for 2010. For most, it’s a matter of consolidating what they learned last year, and now that operations -- or let’s say costs and revenues -- have stabilized again, we’re seeing an uptick in forward thinking strategies. If 2009 was characterized by fire-fighting manoeuvres, 2010 will be the year to rebuild your houses -- stronger and safer than more

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pic_lockTPI's Global TPI Index - Growth Returning in 2H09
TPI releases 2009 figures for the global outsourcing market...

pic_lockBusiness Process Management in Shared Services
Adapting to the 'new realities' of today; How shared services can help organizations adapt to new 'sizing' and other challenges quickly...

pic_lockHR Service Center on a Shoestring Budget
Implementing shared services based on existing investments...

pic_lock2010: The Year for Outsourced Thinking?
As more companies are taking the outsourcing plunge - existing contracts are expanding into 'end-to-end' services, which demand an onshore presence - SSON gets the low-down form Genpact COO, "Tiger" Tyagarajan...

pic_lockSourcing Under Review
SSOs are scrutinizing their sourcing practices. Procurement sourcing may be the next truly big thing...

pic_lockPanel Discussion - The Talent Game, Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Asia
The 12th annual Asian Shared Services Week Asia took place in Singapore, September 2009...

pic_lockShared Services 101
Preparing for a shared services model: Critical factors, success criteria and operating components...

Is the global outsourcing industry in for a no-holds-barred competition?

pic_lockPart 1: Provider Profiles and Emerging Locations 
pic_lockPart 2: A Breakdown of Drivers and Functions for Nearshore vs. Off shore 
pic_lockPart 3: The Future of the Off shoring Industry 


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