3 Strategies for Value-Adding Enterprise Content Management

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Have you ever thought of having a strategic management scheme for your enterprise content? The ways of business and behaviors have transformed remarkably as advancements in technologies concerning big data and business intelligence have opened doors to handling organizational processes and problems in an advanced manner.

Newer ways of working have emerged the concept of Enterprise Content Management, commonly known with as ECM. It is the systematic and organized collection of information that can be used by business groups, clients and consumers – not a single entity, but a compilation of strategies and tools that manage, preserve and deliver content and documents supporting various enterprise processes.

Besides content, we all require proper documentation, complying with industry standards and current trends. A content document contributes to dealing with the information present in the organization, facilitating quick and improved business decisions with increased efficiency.

As confirmed by various industry reports, an ECM solution also improves document retention and backup recovery. Enterprises are constantly looking for advanced methods and techniques to streamline their business processes and manage files and documents so that they can always be prepared for the new developments and changing environments. If you are among these, looking for ways to strengthen your content document management and ensuring powerful security and backup, here are 3 better strategies for ECM.

1. Controlled Two-way Information Flow

Each business, in the present time, covers a broader geography than ever before. Everyone needs to reach out to wider audiences of diverse cultures and locations, which demand a structured and regulated means of communicating between the various parties – vendors, dealers, clients, consumers, employees and stakeholders. Firewalls in the industry should be expanded as per companies’ changing hierarchies.

This two-flow of information lets business practitioners achieve better outsourcing and, thereby, produce more effective results. Seamless collaboration is the key to ECM.

2. Get Ready for the Content Explosion

Experts suggest that, with the inception of each new digital means to run business, the content on the web is going to explode 50 times faster by 2020 than in 2010. Web portals will have whopping content, and your business needs to be ready for this explosion. Make the best use of digitally-driven tools like social media, smartphones, content collaboration and others and get to know the best content that lets your company stay in the race.

3. Embrace Cloud Storage

Although the tradition of keeping your things in system files and folders is still followed (until now), it's time to move on to the cloud storages that can keep files safely documented on the web. There are various mixed cloud and on-premise configuration services available to retain sensitive corporate content and information. Hybrid ECM is a novel evolution that enables feature-rich, flexible and friendly ECM configurations, exceptionally useful for remote workers.

Are you up for a more controlled and supervised ECM? Share your thoughts and tips on adding more excellent ways of dealing with large amounts of content placed in multiple documents at multiple locations in your enterprise. Join the discussion in SSON’s LinkedIn group here.